Prototyp security

After a few months of development and after being presented for the first time at the sculpture fair Unika 2004, the interactive bodyguard caused quite some stir and surprise amongst visitors, as shown on the video files on this page.
The entirely hand carved wooden figure was born from a creative and brillant cooperation between Woodcarving master Teo Mahlknecht and the computer scientist Dr. Benno Senoner.
The animated bodyguard is able to change the direction it looks at by rotating the head and moving the eyes following persons and objects in movement.
Tecnology: the system works by capturing the scene in front of the figure through two video cameras that are hidden in its chest which are attached to an embedded mini computer which analyzes the movement of objects with a frequency of 30 frames/sec.
The ad-hoc written software is equipped with arificial intelligence algorithms which try to always follow only one person or object even if there are multiple objects moving. This leads to realistic motion tracking behaviour even in crowded places.
The sculpture shown here is meant only as an example and can be built in many variations and types of materials and enhanced with audio to make the figure talk.
Places where an animated sculpture could be employed:
Shop windows, entries of halls, hotels and restaurants, museums, exhibition booths and everywhere an innovative and artistic eyecatcher is needed.
Examples of variations of the animated figure:
-A waiter which stands in front of a restaurant greeting clients and telling them the daily menu.

Prototyp Security

(motion tracking sculpture)

Die animierte Holzskulptur "Bodyguard" kann mittels Bewegung der Augen und des Kopfes ihre Blickrichtung ändern und so die Bewegungen von Personen bzw. Objekte verfolgen.
Technik: Die interaktive Holzskultur funktioniert mittels zwei - im Brustkorb der Figur installierten - Videokameras die mit einen intergrierten embedded Mini-Computer verbunden sind.
Die Videokameras erfassen die Bewegungen mit einer Frequenz von 30 Bildern/Sekunde.
Die ausgeklügelte, eigens entworfene und mit künstliche Intelligenz versehene Software, kann auch nur ein Objekt unter vielen sich bewegenden Objekten erkennen und verfolgen.
Diese animierte interaktive Skulptur sollte nur als Vorschlag gelten!
Wir können unterschiedliche Skulpturen mit dieser Technologie ausstatten und entwerfen, es ist möglich auch andere Materialien zu verarbeiten.
Einsatzorte für animierten Skulpturen sind z.B.:
Schaufenster in Geschäften, Eingangshallen, Hotel-Restaurants, Museen, Messestände-Pavillons und überall dort wo ein innovativer, einzigartiger und künstlerischer Blickfang erwünscht wird.
-Ein Kellner der vor dem Restaurant die Gäste begrüßt und den Tagesteller ankündigt ..

Prototipo Bodyguard

La statua raffigurante un "bodyguard" e`capace di sorvegliare e girare il capo letteralmente grazie ad un complesso e sofisticato sistema software di intelligenza artificiale.
Questa operazione, eseguita dall'esperto informatico Dott. Benno Senoner, si avvale di due telecamere poste all'interno del busto della scultura e collegate ad un embedded mini-computer. Gli occhi del "bodyguard" riprendono le immagini con una frequenza di 30 fotogrammi al secondo, seguendo un oggetto o una persona in movimento anche con un campo visivo affolato.
L'idea può essere adattata ad altre figure, dal cameriere o cuoco di un ristorante che legge il menú e saluta i clienti ad altre ancora.

motion tracking sculpture
Prototyp, 2004

Teo Mahlknecht
Dr. Benno Senoner

VIA embedded CPU 1GHZ,
Mini itx Mainboard
Software: real time motion tracking
based on embedded Linux operating system Dr. Benno Senoner

Hand-carved in pinewood

2m height
ca.90° angle of sight

The first interactive wooden sculpture
ca. 200 cm h
shown on picture: Teo (left), Dr. Benno Senoner (right)

Motion tracking sculpture
At the UNIKA-fair 2004

Motion tracking sculpture
At the UNIKA-fair 2004

Motion tracking sculpture
At the UNIKA-fair 2004

Motion tracking sculpture
without sound, sorry !